Using DreamGlass® Smart & Switchable Glass in Hospitals

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Although upscale hotels and high-tech corporate headquarters may be the first places that spring to mind when thinking of applications for switchable glasses like DreamGlass®, the fact is that there are as many—if not more—practical applications for smart glasses as there are “luxurious” uses. One such place is in healthcare facilities, where electronic glass offers a host of advantages over traditional options, making it an ideal choice for institutions looking to upgrade their image and improve patient care while creating a happier, healthier environment.

Safe and Sterile

The incorporation of electronic switchable glasses like DreamGlass® in hospitals allows them to stop using curtains, blinds, and cloth partitions for patient privacy. Unlike curtains and partitions, which can trap bacteria and viruses, DreamGlass® is easy to keep clean and sterile. In fact, a study by the Cleveland Veteran Affairs Medical Center found that 42% of privacy curtains contained VRE, which can cause infections, and 22% held MRSA, which can result in staph, pneumonia, and other infections.

In addition to harboring germs, curtains, blinds, and partitions can ease the transfer of them, as a person who handles contaminated shades in one room moves throughout the hospital treating patients. Using switchable privacy glass instead of traditional partitions allows for easier, less-expensive, and more regular cleaning. Because the sheer surface of the glass has no nooks or crannies for germs to hide in, it can just be wiped down when the room is cleaned and doesn’t need to be removed or sent out to be washed.


Great for privacy

Switchable glasses like DreamGlass® also improve patient privacy, which can lead to happier patients and more comfortable stays, which can aid in the healing process. Electronic glass panels allow light to flow freely through the room when wanted but can be dimmed when privacy is desired, and are less easily disturbed than traditional blinds, curtains, and screens. More importantly, DreamGlass® panels offer unparalleled soundproofing when compared to traditional partitions, making it easier for patients to sleep, relax, and heal.

The use of electronic glass panels also give patients greater control over their surroundings. For example, an immobilized patient can have the panel’s control placed within reach of their bed, reducing their dependence on a nurse or orderly to open and close the blinds.

The Healing Power of the Sun

By incorporating smart glass panels such as DreamGlass® into their design, healthcare facilities can create brighter spaces and let the sun’s rays penetrate deeper into the building, harnessing the healing powers of the sun. In addition to healthier patients, hospitals can use the sun to cut costs, as numerous studies have shown that daylight can reduce the average length of a hospital stay, lead to quicker post-operative recovery, and lower the need for pain relief, plus a host of other health benefits.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways hospitals are putting DreamGlass® to work for them. Electronic glass panels are also used to make it easier to monitor patients easier, and to reduce exposure to highly contagious patients. If you would like to learn more about using switchable glass panels in your healthcare facility, contact us today.


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