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We manufacture our own PDLC film unlike most suppliers which purchase PDLC film from abroad and laminate locally. Overall quality is assured as we control optical properties, operation and sizes. We have our own laboratory with scientists working around the clock investigating new formulas and alternative raw materials.

Our Headquarters, Laboratory, R&D and factory are based in Madrid, Spain. In addition, we our present in other geographical regions through our certified licensees and distributors; see our distribution network.

DGG operates on a worldwide level.


DreamGlass® products are constantly being implemented in new and diverse industries. Our core competency includes installations for industries sectors such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Advertising
  • Immediate control of privacy
  • Improvement in users comfort, with greater security.
  • Efficient use of space in building environments
  • Cost-effectiveness relative to other smart window technologies.
  • Energy savings through reduced A/C cooling.
  • UV protection and stability (blocks over 99% of UV rays)
  • Excellent contrast for rear projection purposes
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Aesthetically attractive

Generally 30 days. This may vary depending on type of product and quantity.


We manufacture 1800mm width PDLC rolls of 50 lineal meters. At the moment, we can supply a panel with a maximum size of 1800mm width * 4600mm length. We can also handle 2100mm width panels and laminate two or more PDLC films.

Between 60 – 65 VAC.

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No. Only silicone supplied by Dream Glass Group must be used. Otherwise warranty will not apply.

We supply specifically designed transformers with each order.

This will depend on the surface and number of operating groups desired. 

Electrical connections (referred to as Bus Bars) are recommended to be placed on 2 opposite sides of glass panels (either width or length). In some cases connections may also be placed on one side only.

No. Visual Light Transmission (VLT) is approximately 80% when switched ON. All panels present a degree of haze which is part of the product make up.

Yes. When the panels are looked at from an angle, haze levels are accentuated.

No, it is translucent which means some light still passes through.

Under 10W/m2.

When it is in ON position; in transparent state.

Sample batches from our production are continuously tested (ON/OFF sequences). In addition, they undergo severe weathering tests in our ageing machine. Based on this, life expectancy is very long (over 10 years).

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Yes. In fact panels can also be made in shapes.



Yes, inclusively they can also be triple glazed or more.

Yes, under certain compositions.

Yes, under certain compositions.

This depends on the glass composition. We can manufacture our products with special acoustic interlayers to offer higher acoustic ratings.

Yes, DreamGlass® products are IPx7 certified.


Yes. The Standard color is milky white. We also offer a blue/grey tint. Other colors are available on demand.


Yes, both automatic & manual

Yes. With the use of a projector, image is retro projected onto surface of glass to offer a high definition image.

Yes, such as Mirror, Color Tinted, Fire rated etc.

Standard warranty is 5 years. For some products, this may be different.

Unfortunately it cannot.

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