The Little-Known Advantages of Privacy Glass

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Seven Lesser-Known Benefits of Smart Glass 

The use of smart glass is becoming more and more commonplace. Today, privacy glass (like Dream Glass) is regularly found everywhere, including office spaces, medical centers, retail stores, and the home. The ability to shift from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch is the best-known feature of electronic glass, but it’s just one of the many benefits provided by smart glass. 

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass goes by many different names—it’s often also called switchable glass, privacy glass, electronic glass, and dynamic glass. No matter what you call it, the primary function of smart glass is the same: the ability to switch from see-through to opaque. What triggers the transformation of the glass varies, however.

Dream Glass is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) glass and uses an electric charge to change the glass from clear to private. When charged, the liquid crystals embedded in the polymer are translucent; when the charge is removed, the glass can no longer be seen through. PDLC glass has a well-deserved reputation for delivering clear optics, reliable performance, and the ability to quickly change between settings.

How Smart/Switchable Glass Works.

7 Lesser-Known Benefits of Smart Glass 

Switchable glasses are best known for their near-instant privacy, but they deliver numerous other benefits ranging from better aesthetics to improved efficiency. 

1. Customizable Patterns and Tints 

When people think of electronic glass, they generally think of it as either clear or frosted, but high-end switchable glass, like Dream Glass, allows for an incredible amount of customization. Personalize Dream Glass with the addition (and control of the opacity) of a pattern, corporate logo, or whatever else you can imagine. 

Unique designs are just one way that Dream Glass can stand apart from other electronic glass. Dream Glass is available in a wide variety of tints, making it a great fit for just about any design project or aesthetic. 

2. Made-to-Order 

The personal touch doesn’t stop at designs and tints—Dream Glass panels are tailor-made into any shape you desire, including squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and rounded corners. Dream Glass can also accommodate custom angles and shapes. This adaptability allows customers to employ Dream Glass in various applications and inventive ways. A few favorites include partitions, facades, and skylights. 

3. Serve as a Screen

The high contrast quality of Dream Glass allows you to use it as a projection screen. This is great for those trying to create a multifunctional space while maintaining a minimalist appearance. It eliminates the need for unsightly wall-mounted televisions, dated-looking roll-down screens, and ugly cords while delivering a modern and attention-grabbing look well-suited to conference rooms, stores, or home theaters. 

4. Easy to Manage 

Transforming smart glass from transparent to opaque is as easy as flipping a switch, or using an app on your phone. Dream Glass puts you in total control of your home—allowing you to take charge of the transformation of your privacy glass-equipped windows, doors, and partitions from a remote control or phone. You can also connect Dream Glass to sensors and program it to automatically adjust in response to particular conditions. 

Dream Glass also integrates with virtual assistants, making it a natural fit in today’s increasingly smart homes. An estimated 37% of U.S. households owned a smart home device in 2020 and switchable privacy glass is a logical addition to any connected home. 

5. Improved Security

There’s a reason why products like Dream Glass are often called privacy glass—they keep prying eyes from peeking into offices, homes, and storefronts. This helps hide items like expensive antiques, valuable artwork, and priceless mementos and lowers the odds of losing them to theft. Dream Glass is also fire-rated and is made bulletproof, for those who need the utmost security. 

6. Noise Reduction 

Sight is just one aspect of privacy, another one is sound. For example, a Dream Glass conference room is substantially more effective when it keeps both curious eyes and distracting sounds out. Because of this, we offer panels featuring special acoustic interlayers to reduce outside noise. 

7. Increased Efficiency 

Switchable glass allows you to take advantage of the sun’s warming rays in winter, block them during the summer, and ultimately lower the expense of controlling the climate in the office, shop, or home.  Dream Glass IR shield further boosts the advantage of average electronic glass, delivering four times more efficient energy use than normal glass and keeping rooms up to three degrees Celsius warmer in the winter and three degrees Celsius cooler in the summer. 

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