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Five Ways Privacy Glass Returns on Investment

Privacy glass is becoming an increasingly common sight everywhere from commercial spaces to residential buildings. Driving the interest in switchable glass are a handful of benefits that ultimately add up and make smart glass a wise investment. 

What is Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass goes by many different names, including smart glass, dynamic glass, electronic glass, and switchable glass. Despite its many monikers, all privacy glasses possess the same general function—the ability to change from translucent to opaque—although the methods and triggers for the transformation vary. 

Dream Glass is a leading manufacturer of smart glass using polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC). PDLC uses liquid crystals encased in a polymer that, when given an electrical charge, becomes transparent. When the electrical charge is removed, the glass is opaque. 

Optimize Energy Efficiency 

Privacy glass, like Dream Glass, is a good investment in all types of buildings thanks to its ability to improve energy efficiency. The use of switchable glass makes it easy for building owners and homeowners to control the amount of light that enters a building and in the end cut down on cooling, heating, and electric expenses. 

You can program Dream Glass panels to activate at certain times or equip them with sensors that trigger a transformation when they receive a certain amount of light. This is a boon for building owners, as it allows them to keep inside spaces cool without overly relying on air conditioning. Further helping keep cooling costs down is that Dream Glass blocks 99% of heat-emitting UV rays. 

In the winter, you can automate your Dream Glass panels to let in the maximum amount of light to take advantage of the natural warming and illumination of the sun and cut back on expensive heating and electricity costs, along with extending the life of pricey light bulbs. Once warm, Dream Glass’s double- and triple-glazed panels seal in the heat to further control costs. 

Improve Property Value 

Energy-efficient buildings and homes don’t just save money, they’re more valuable. Studies have shown that both individuals and businesses are willing to pay a higher rent or sale price for a property with improved energy performance. It’s not just the economic benefit that’s appealing about energy efficiency. According to the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), homebuyers want (and are willing to pay more for) sustainable features like energy-efficient windows, appliances, and fixtures. This is especially true of eco-conscious younger generations like millennials and Gen Zs. 

Dream Glass Shutter Allows You To Have Virtual Shutters Which Can Turn On or Off

Increase Curb Appeal 

Dream Glass can do more than boost a building’s property value, it can also increase its curb appeal. Switchable glass is a great way to make a piece of property stand out in a crowded market. While the incorporation of smart glass is attention-grabbing on its own, the customizability that privacy glasses like Dream Glass allow—from different tints to unique features like being bulletproof, fire-rated, and blackout—only increases its allure.  

The desirability of smart homes is on the rise as tech-savvy consumers are growing more and more interested in having connected spaces. Just like integrated virtual assistants, smart appliances, and video doorbells, today’s tech-focused buyers and renters want offices and homes with windows that they can program or control from the convenience of their phones. 

Less Maintenance 

Switchable glasses, like Dream Glass, eliminate the need for window treatments like curtains and blinds (which alone are expensive) and consequently require less maintenance than their conventional counterparts. Maintenance costs can add up quickly, whether you’re doing it yourself—time is money after all—or paying someone to do it for you. 

Unlike blinds and curtains which require frequent, expensive, and specialized cleanings—some cleaners suggest that curtains should be washed as often as every three months—smart glass is easily wiped down with a trusted glass cleaner. Because privacy glass doesn’t hold onto dirt, dust, and allergens like traditional window treatments, it isn’t necessary to clean it as often. 

Maximize Space 

 Square footage is at a premium in today’s red-hot real estate market, no matter if you’re renting a commercial space or buying a home. Consider the average cost of newly built custom homes rose from $229.29 per square foot in 2019 to $321.15 per square foot in 2021. Switchable smart glass allows architects to easily incorporate large windows and skylights to create bright, airy, appealing spaces without relying on large square footage. An added benefit of this for building owners and homeowners is lower property taxes. 

Smart glass also is ideally suited for use in dividers and partitions, which makes it a great choice for open office spaces and floor plans. They allow for the perception of spacious work environments and rooms while also delivering privacy with the flip of a switch. Some smart glasses, like Dream Glass, are even used as rear projection screens—making for extremely efficient use of space everywhere from conference rooms in the office to media rooms in the home. 

Window of Opportunity 

Dream Glass presents a unique window of opportunity for businesses and individuals looking to improve the value of their properties—saving them money in the short term and bolstering value in the long term. Contact Dream Glass to learn more about our ground-breaking products and how you’ll benefit by incorporating them into your property.


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