Inviting Smart Glass Into Your Home

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Make Your Home Shine with Dream Glass

Smart glass, like Dream Glass, has long been a favorite for use in commercial sectors—like corporate boardrooms, hospitals, and retail spaces—but is becoming increasingly popular for residential projects as well. Smart glass delivers a host of advantages to everyone from architects to homeowners, including freedom of design, control over light, and ease of use.

What is Smart Glass?

Dream Glass is an innovative privacy glass that allows users to switch from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch. Dream Glass is a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) smart glass. PDLC smart glasses are known for their clear optics, ability to quickly change between settings, and reliable performance.

PDLC glasses work by applying a small electric current to a film of dispersed liquid crystal molecules in a polymer matrix pressed between two glass sheets to allow light to pass through the glass. When the electronic current is removed, the polymer matrix turns translucent.

Residential Uses for Smart Glass

The use of smart glasses, like Dream Glass, is only limited by your imagination. That said,
common uses for privacy glass around the home include:

  • Doors (internal and external) and partitions
  • Windows and skylights
  • Shower stalls
  • Sunrooms
Advantages of Smart Glass

The use of privacy glass in residences is becoming increasingly commonplace and as more and more homes add smart glass, new benefits are being discovered. Some of the most notable advantages of smart glass are increased privacy, enhanced security, improved UV protection, better lighting, less work, and more cost-effectiveness.

Dream Glass Increases Privacy 

Dream Glass delivers privacy on demand. With a simple flip of a switch, the glass changes from see-through to frosted-over and delivers near-instantaneous seclusion from prying eyes. Dream

Glass is particularly useful in smaller areas where window treatments take up much-needed space.

Dream Glass Enhances Security 

Smart glass can also improve the security of your home. Opaque Dream Glass panels make valuables like artwork, electronics, and antiques invisible from the outside and lower the odds of potential break-ins. Dream Glass even makes bullet-proof panes for ultimate in-home security.

Dream Glass Improves UV Protection 

Dream Glass blocks over 99% of damaging UV light and protects valuable household items—like artwork, furniture, and flooring—from sun damage. Smart glass is particularly useful for controlling light coming from hard-to-control places, like skylights.

Dream Glass Delivers Better Lighting 

Privacy glass puts you in control of your surroundings and makes it easy to do everything from blocking glare to creating an atmosphere. For example, you can activate a single pane to eliminate pesky sun in your eyes while reading a book, create a theater-like atmosphere in the middle of the day to screen a movie, or block guests from looking into your open kitchen with a smart-glass-enabled partition.

Dream Glass is Easy to Maintain 

Switchable glasses put an end to the use of old-fashioned curtains and drapes. This means no more time-consuming cleanings. Just wipe Dream Glass down with your trusted glass cleaner for a quick and easy wash. In fact, Dream Glass is more sanitary than curtains and drapes because it doesn’t hold onto dirt, dust, and allergens as fabric does. It’s also better employed in areas not well suited to fabrics, like bathrooms, showers, and mudrooms.

Dream Glass is Cost-Effective 

Dream Glass puts homeowners in control of the amount of sunlight allowed into their homes, which makes it easier to prevent natural heating, and keeps rooms cool without overly relying on expensive air conditioning. Conversely, they can let the maximum amount of light into the house during winter to take advantage of natural warming. Homeowners can even automate Dream Glass to change from transparent to opaque at particular times, such as when a room gets peak sun, or equip it with a programmable sensor that will automatically transform the glass when certain conditions are detected.

Other Reasons to Choose Dream Glass 

In addition to the many common reasons that smart glass is used for residential projects, there are a handful of other reasons Dream Glass is a favorite of homeowners and home builders.

Tech Savvy 

Homes are getting smarter. From virtual personal assistants to smart doorbells to thermostats that are controlled virtually, technology is becoming more and more incorporated into our homes. Intelligent glass systems are an excellent addition to high-tech homes and provide digitally savvy homeowners with another method for staying connected and in control of their environment.

Options Abound 

Switchable glass gives architects increased freedom when creating the exciting new homes of the future. Dream Glass is ideal for use in non-standard-shaped windows, hard-to-reach areas, or even in places where the designer wants the potential for the privacy of a wall but the feel of a totally open space. Dream Glass can even be converted into a rear projection screen, which makes it an interesting choice for modern media rooms.

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