DreamGlass® Black Out

Privacy glass that tints on demand with 86% black out opacity


DreamGlass® Black Out comes in a black tint that reduces the amount of penetrating light by 86% whilst maintaining the highest levels of transparency in ON mode.

Black Out provides complete protection from the suns glare by blocking 86% of visible light in full tint mode

Allows for total tint control, blocking out your desired level of light leaving a perfectly lit atmosphere to suite your comfort. Black Out does not fully block out light in its most tinted state.

Unparalleled design opportunities! Our technology goes beyond the limits of imagination, revolutionizing what glass means to architects and designers.

More About Dreamglass® Black Out

With DreamGlass® Black Out you can completely change the way you experience your space. By allowing you to set custom levels of tint to your privacy glass, you are in complete control of your space’s atmosphere. This allows you to find the perfect combination of light and comfort. Black Out lets you embrace natural light from the outside world or allows you to reduce it for a completely relaxing space. This way you can let in exactly the right amount of light desired.

This revolutionary technology allows you to create a variety of different atmospheres in one single space at the push of a button. Black Out also, blocks 98% of UV that can cause furniture, carpets and artwork to deteriorate, protecting them when the suns peaks and allowing you to enjoy its natural light needed.

customize your aesthetic

Flex your creativity as the designer of your own space with DreamGlass® products. We offer many different customization options, notice the options below that make us the preferred switchable smart glass and privacy option, uniquely capable of satisfying your needs. Click here to learn about the DreamGlass® technology.
Bullet Proof

DreamGlass® products can be made bullet proof, allowing it to withstand high-impact situations.

Low Iron

As a standard, all panels are manufactured with Low Iron Glass allowing them to offer the highest levels of transparency.

Color Tinted

DreamGlass® panels come in a variety of colors to suit your desired atmosphere. Choose a hue that complements your brand or interior design.

Double Glazed

Our insulating, double or triple glazed DreamGlass® panels reduce the transfer of heat for your interior or exterior applications.

Custom Shapes

Choose privacy glass in any shape imaginable to meet your design requirements. DreamGlass® panels are tailor-made into rectangles, triangles, circles, rounded corners, custom angles, custom shapes, and more.

Fire Rated

Find a durable solution with DreamGlass® products and fire rated glass, lab tested to ensure our panels are of the highest quality.

Our Constant Research and Development

Investing in our own high tech laboratory and research facility allows us to control every aspect of the glass creation and allows us to work on developing new technologies.  This way Dream Glass Group is able to creating amazing breakthroughs in the privacy and smart glass industry.

DreamGlass® Black Out is one of these latest developments giving an unparalleled experience and level of customization for your smart glass. Our knowledge about the science behind smart glass allows us to bring you the latest technology in the industry.

DreamGlass® Control Systems

Control of your own environment is at your fingertips. Adjust your panels using any of the following control systems:

DreamGlass® App
Manual ON/OFF wall switch
Remote control switches
Home Automation (Integrated PDA control)
Door Locks


We’ll find a solution to your privacy glass needs. We offer superior quality, customizable privacy glass & short lead times - at the right price.
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We are in the process of developing the new DreamGlass® App. Be able to control all your panels form the convenience of our app. Coming soon to:

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