Smart Glass Blinds: Kiss Your Curtains Goodbye

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Made in the Shade with Electronic Glass Blinds

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, there is evidence of curtains being used in the ancient civilizations of Olynthus (in modern Greece), Pompeii (in modern Italy), and Herculaneum (also in modern Italy), although these cultures are believed to have used curtains as room dividers rather than window treatments. It wasn’t until the Renaissance—the 14th-17th century—that glass windows became common along with fabric to cover them. After centuries of use, curtains remain a popular option for controlling the amount of light allowed into interior spaces and for creating privacy, but high-tech glass, like Dream Glass Group’s Smart Blinds, may soon render them a thing of the past.

PDLC Glass Curtains

Dream Glass Smart Blinds work just like Original Dream Glass—both employ polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology to transform from transparent to opaque when an electric current is applied or removed. PDLC electronic glass is renowned for its clear optics, quick transformation, and low power consumption.

Unlike Original Dream Glass, Dream Glass Smart Blinds feature small, barely perceivable lines that allow users to customize the amount of light allowed in by transforming just a portion of the window. Better than old-fashioned curtains and blinds—which are designed to either pull up or pull down—you can adjust Smart Blinds to meet your specific needs, whether it’s shading just the top, bottom, or even middle of a particular pane of glass.

Growing Residential Use of Privacy Glass Switchable glass has long been popular in the commercial sector and is becoming more and more commonly used in residential projects thanks to products like Dream Glass Smart Blinds. Today’s homes are increasingly connected with products like virtual assistants, robot vacuum cleaners, and smart appliances ranging from refrigerators to doorbells. Smart Blinds integrate seamlessly and are an easy way to add extra intelligence and a high-tech touch to a home.

What Homeowners Love About Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds using switchable privacy glass provide numerous benefits to homeowners, helping them with everything from saving money to creating unique spaces and eliminating the need for expensive, out-of-vogue window treatments such as fancy blinds, costly curtains, or antiquated
shades. More importantly, once homeowners experience using Smart Blinds, they never want to go back to traditional curtains and blinds.

Minimalist Look

Switchable glass blinds allow homeowners to create clean sleek interiors, maximize space, and optimize views by eliminating the need for bulky and in-the-way curtains, shades, and blinds. In addition to their modern aesthetic, the ability to easily customize Smart Blinds lets homeowners
create bright and airy interior spaces while also maintaining a level of privacy.

More Control

Depending on the design of traditional blinds, they’re either pulled up or down to block light and provide privacy. Smart Blinds are easily programmed to wherever configuration the user desires, whether its unique lengths or widths. Moreover, there’s no need to get up off the couch
to adjust privacy glass blinds—you can control them from your phone or tablet using an app, schedule them to transform at certain times of day, or connect them to sensors that trigger a transformation.

Lower Energy Costs

Because Smart Blinds are so simple to program—and don’t require manual adjustment—they’re easily employed in cutting back on heating and cooling costs. Homeowners can automate switchable glass blinds to allow the warm rays of the sun in on cold winter days and cut back on heating costs. Similarly, in summer, homeowners can program privacy glass blinds to block the sun and lower the expense of air conditioning.

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