Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency with DreamGlass® IR Shield

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No matter if you own a business or a home, cutting waste and increasing efficiency is at the top of almost everyone’s list. It comes as no surprise that, with the rising cost of heating and cooling buildings, maximizing a structure’s energy efficiency has become a priority in recent years. Although older, leaky windows often spring to mind when it comes to increasing a building’s energy efficiency, what gets lost is how those benefits can be multiplied by using a high-tech privacy glass engineered to maintain interior temperatures, like our DreamGlass® IR Shield.

Keep Costs Down

DreamGlass® panels with IR Shield are four times more efficient in energy savings than traditional glass. In the summer, DreamGlass® IR Shield panels can be activated to take advantage of their blue/grey tint, blocking out the sun while lowering the demands placed on air conditioning units. In the winter, the electronic glass panels can be left transparent, allowing your building or home to naturally warm itself with sunlight, reducing costly heating expenditures.

It might seem hard to believe that something as simple as adjusting the opacity on your windows can lower your energy costs, but it can! In the summer, a smart glass such as our DreamGlass® with IR Shield can keep a space between three and ten degrees cooler, and it can help keep that same space up to three degrees warmer in the winter.

It’s Not Just Energy Efficiency

By using smart windows with DreamGlass® IR Shield, you reduce the load put on your air conditioning and heating units, which not only helps reduce the high cost of energy consumption, but can also lower the amount of maintenance this expensive machinery can require. More so, by limiting the strain put on these units, you can increase their lifespan and avoid pricey replacement.

Put the Sun to Work

Keep DreamGlass® IR Shield privacy windows transparent on sunny days to discover another cost-saving benefit of this innovative glass: allowing you harvest natural light. If you’re able to turn off pricey overhead lights for even just a few hours a day, you’ll lower electricity costs and reduce the frequency with which you have to replace bulbs.

Sunscreen for Furniture

Another one of the many ways that a specialty glass like our DreamGlass® with IR Shield can help keep costs down is by protecting furnishings and displays from the sun. Our privacy glass windows help minimize the amount of UV light that enters your building or home, protecting furniture, merchandise, and equipment from avoidable color fading and premature aging—extending their lifespan and reducing replacement costs.

Of course, these are just some of the many benefits to be found by using DreamGlass® with IR Shield smartglass. You can learn more about DreamGlass® IR Shield here. Or if you are ready to get started you can contact us today to find out more about DreamGlass® with IR Shield or you can request a quote.


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