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Not long ago, electronic privacy glass was thought of as a product for use solely in corporate offices and residences. However, as architects and designers discover new and exciting ways to incorporate it into their plans, the use of smart glass has not only become more prevalent, it has expanded into new markets such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, transportation, and even advertising. With smart glass becoming more commonplace and new markets opening, it’s an exciting time at the Dream Glass Group—and we are on the lookout for new partners and distributors to help us continue our upward growth and find new markets for our exceptional product.

What Dream Glass Group Delivers
Dream Glass Group is committed to delivering the best smart glass and windows, and we’ve invested incredible resources to ensure that we provide the industry’s premier product. For example, we’ve constructed our own lab, giving us control over both the production and quality of our products. Eliminating the need to work with a third party, DreamGlass® offers an unrivaled amount of customization—bullet-proof, fire-rated, and color-tinted, to name a few—along with short lead times. Because we understand that different settings have different needs, we make doing business with DreamGlass® easy by offering three different ways for our partners and distributors to work with us: Distributor, Certified Licensee, and Value Added Reseller.

Being a DreamGlass® distributor allows companies to buy and resell our electronic privacy glass and products under our name. There are many advantages to being a DreamGlass® distributor, the most notable being the benefit of using a brand name and products that are well established in the privacy glass industry. In addition to our high-quality product, distributors are also the beneficiaries of the Dream Glass Group’s marketing efforts (for example, our new website) and brand building.

Certified Licensee
Our Certified Licensee program is directed at businesses looking to purchase our film and promote the DreamGlass® brand, but would prefer to laminate their own glass. The team at DreamGlass® considers knowledge transfer an important part of this package. Because we design and fabricate our own product (unlike most switchable glass companies, which buy it from a manufacturer), we have acute knowledge of the science and application of switchable privacy glass. In addition to receiving access to our in-depth knowledge of electronic glass, Certified Licensee’s also enjoy preferential pricing and the advantage of being tied into our marketing efforts.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)
For companies looking to purchase our film and rebrand it under their own name, we offer our Value Added Reseller program. This program allows businesses to take advantage of our superior DreamGlass® products and innovative technology by claiming it as their own. However, Value Added Resellers are responsible for offering their own warranty and do not receive the benefits of the Dream Glass Group’s marketing efforts.

Are you interested in becoming a partner or distributor? Click here to learn more about available opportunities and apply to become an official Dream Glass Group partner .



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