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The leading manufacturer of privacy glass, Dream Glass Group, was chosen to collaborate with two public health industry projects to bring about major improvements in the health care industry. Said projects, conducted in different continents, involved the installation of DreamGlass® privacy glass panels with leading-edge applications in order to improve hospital premises and patients’ comfort.

Barcelona, Spain. DreamGlass® privacy glass panels used in this project represents a revolutionary and innovative solution to traditional designs in the health care industry. DreamGlass® was required for this prestigious project to supply alternative bespoke solutions and, consequently, improve the design, environment and functionality of the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), assuring patients both comfort and safety. The installation, composed of 24 DreamGlass® privacy glass panels, created a more comfortable environment for patients and more importantly increased the response time of doctors and nurses during patient emergencies, as curtains were replaced by privacy glass panels, allowing instant privacy at the flick of a switch.

Another major advantage of DreamGlass® privacy glass panels, which have been incorporated in hermetic doors and frames, is that they provide doctors and nurses with a better, more hygienic and efficiently controlled environment for patients, who are isolated from external contact in sterile cubicles, so as to help reduce the risk of infection or any other health hazards. In addition, patients may benefit from the possibility of selecting privacy mode whenever they find it necessary in order to meet their intimacy needs. Patients are free to activate or deactivate DreamGlass® privacy glass at any given moment with a specially designed remote control for each intensive care unit.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. In its ongoing effort to develop and offer ground-breaking solutions, DGG was faced with the challenge of improving the operating room’s functionality of a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. DGG’s dedicated technical staff focused its expertise and capacity on the evaluation of the hospital premises as well as the client’s requirements so as to offer the best possible solution for their concept ideas. In the first stage of the project of renovating the operating room into a modern functional space, both senior architects and medical staff were consulted in order to better understand the hospital’s basic needs and required outcome.

A total of 9 DreamGlass® privacy glass panels were fit onto special automatic pressure sensitive doors, allowing consulting doctors, nurses and health teams outside the operating room to advise and monitor the surgical team operating inside without having to enter the operating room. To do so, a control switch was placed on both sides of the automatic door so that the doctors or surgeons on either side could activate the privacy glass panel whenever required. This installation provided an optimum solution to help reduce the risk of infections or other health hazards in the operating room, while granting the surgeon the access to instant privacy at any required stage of the operation. With DreamGlass® privacy glass, care takers are able to treat patients with the flick of a switch.

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