DreamGlass® Black Out

DREAMGLASS® BLACK OUT PRIVACY GLASS THAT TINTS ON DEMANDDreamGlass® Black Out comes in a black tint that reduces the amount of penetrating light whilst maintaining the highest levels of transparency in ON mode. Black Out provides complete protection from the suns glare by blocking 98% of visible light in full tint mode Allows for total […]


DreamGlass® Super Clear

SUPERIOR CLARITY AND TRANSPARENCY FOR THE MOST DEMANDING CLIENTSDreamGlass® Super Clear offers all the advantages of DreamGlass® The Original with the added benefit or crystal clear transparency. You can achieve instant privacy or allow for a nearly perfect translucent view at the flick of a switch! Low working voltage (30V) and ≥ 91% total transmittance […]


DreamGlass® Design

DESIGN OPTIONS TO SUITE YOUR STYLEFlex your creativity as the designer of your own space with DreamGlass® Design. Use your imagination and we will do the rest to make it happen and satisfy your creative needs. All the benefits of traditional DreamGlass®! Enjoy maximum natural sunlight while maintaining UV protection and stability.  Unparalleled design opportunities! […]


DreamGlass® Shutter

CONTROL YOUR SMART GLASS LIKE A VENETIAN BLIND, BUT BETTER!With Shutter, users can control the amount of privacy needed by selecting one or more strips on their privacy glass to be turned on or off. By using the DreamGlass® App you can select how you want your blinds to look and function using predetermined horizontal […]


DreamGlass® DSAF

APPLY DSAF TO ANY EXISTING GLASS INSTALLATIONAchieve a smart glass privacy solution without replacing your current glass installation. Upgrade your traditional panels with DreamGlass® DSAF, a switchable smart film which can be stuck directly onto glass. Simply peel off a protective liner from the film and stick it onto a window.MORE ABOUT DREAMGLASS® DSAF The […]


DreamGlass® Dynamic Shutter™

DESIGN YOUR OWN DISPLAY USING DREAMGLASS® DYNAMIC SHUTTER™Discover a uniquely interactive privacy glass experience with Dynamic Shutter™. Alternate between designs uploaded & controlled directly through your BlueTooth capable device. Choose from our designs or create your own patterns, and effortlessly manage the sequence & switch times. Experience total control of your displays, and target specific […]


DreamGlass® IR Shield

ADD THE BENEFITS OF IR SHIELDING TO ANY DREAMGLASS® PRODUCTWith the IR Shield feature, DreamGlass® panels are four times more efficient in energy savings than traditional glass. Its Blue/Grey tint encompassed with DreamGlass® technology helps to effectively manage the temperature of your indoor environment while reducing high heating and air-conditioning costs. The addition of IR […]


DreamGlass® Smart Blinds

GIVE YOURSELF OPTIONSDreamGlass® Smart Blinds work like The Original but with the added value of predetermined sections across the surface of the PDLC film. This allows you to effortlessly manage different areas of your privacy glass. Use your smartphone or tablet to control the specified areas on the glass surface, achieving privacy or sunlight instantly. […]


DreamGlass® The Original

TOTAL PRIVACY OR FULL TRANSPARENCY WITHOUT ANY MOVING PARTS.The original ON/OFF switchable smart glass is a laminated glass panel with a polymer dispersed liquid crystal interlayer film (PDLC). It offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch by changing its state from transparent to opaque and vice versa through a small electrical current. Enjoy […]

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