Bedroom and Bathroom Applications in the Hotel Industry

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DreamGlass® privacy glass is an ideal design solution for residential spaces and is continuously prescribed for bedroom/bathroom partitions in the Hotel Industry, allowing for countless applications. Consequently, its use in interior design has experienced significant growth in recent years. Spaces of extensive light may be achieved by merging aesthetics and functionality, ultimately increasing users’ comfort and wellbeing.

One of the latest applications in residential spaces that DreamGlass® privacy glass offers are partitions to separate en-suite bathrooms from bedrooms where space is premium. A bright open space can be created by letting more light into the bathroom area, and a greater feeling of spaciousness is achieved effortlessly as the glass wall which separates the bathroom from the bedroom can be switched from opaque to transparent, and vice versa, thus allowing instant privacy at the flick of a switch.In addition to passing tests for Norm 60335-2-105 (mechanisms in humid areas), DreamGlass® privacy glass has been granted an IPX7 certificate (underwater testing). For this reason, DreamGlass® may now be used in bathrooms, spas, interior pools and any other humid areas.

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