Get to Know DreamGlass

Learn more about the science that makes DreamGlass® products possible, and how it can be leverage for your projects.


DreamGlass® is composed of a thin film interlayer of liquid crystals dispersed in a polymer matrix (PDLCs) laminated between two plastic substrates coated on the inner face with a thin layer of conductive material. By applying a small electrical current, its state can change from opaque to transparent and vice versa. EVA is used to bond the thin film with the glass.

This ingenious smart glass technology allows you to switch back and forth between opaque glass and a transparent view, all through a simple electrical current. DreamGlass® panels contain a film of dispersed liquid crystal molecules in a polymer matrix pressed between two glass sheets. When an electrical current activates the panel, the liquid crystal molecules instantly align. This positioning allows light to pass through, and your glass becomes transparent. When the current is disconnected, the molecules immediately disarrange for instantaneous and total privacy.

Power On

The liquid crystal molecules align and light can pass through.

Power Off

The liquid crystal molecules are randomly aligned making light scatter and the glass opaque.

  • 1Glass
    Choose the desired thickness, type, shape, and color.
  • 2EVA
    A cross-linked transparent sheet which acts as a bond between the glass and ITO-PET laminate.
  • 3ITO-PET
    A transparent conductive film of only a few microns in thickness.
  • 4Liquid Crystal Polymer Matrix
    A pool of randomly orientated liquid crystal molecules. When stimulated with electrical current, the liquid crystal molecules align themselves allowing incident light to pass through, thus the glass becomes clear.


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