DreamGlass® in Residential Design Vanguard

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DreamGlass® privacy glass was selected to collaborate in an avant-garde building of single-family dwellings in the city of Soria, Spain. The architectural firm chosen for this innovative project was primarily engaged in applying new trends in the field of contemporary architecture to residential spaces. The installation of DreamGlass® privacy glass granted modern and impressive lines to the building, seeking to reflect the latest trends in the field of contemporary architecture applied to residential spaces.

The installation was composed of stainless steel frames used to grasp the DreamGlass® privacy glass panels together throughout the balconies of the main façade of the residential block. Wiring of all panels was suitably placed inside the bottom frames. In addition, a remote control switch connection was installed both in the exterior and in the interior of the home, allowing its owners the possibility of operating the panels from anywhere and at any time.

Besides providing new trends, architects also demanded a solution which granted the homes with as much natural light as possible, creating a pleasant environment and a nice feeling of spaciousness in the residential space. Furthermore, as DreamGlass® privacy glass may be turned OFF or ON at any given moment, home owners can also regulate the amount of light in a given room to best suit their lighting needs.

DreamGlass® brings to reality the perfect solution to enhance residents’ comfort and grant aesthetic quality to the building. This futuristic installation clearly illustrates the concept of functionality and efficiency that privacy glass panels offer and demonstrates how new architectural trends are possible with DreamGlass®.

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