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Switchable Glass

DreamGlass® manufactures switchable glass all over the world. Some of the countries we supply for are: United States, England, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, India, Portugal, Germany, United Arab Emirates... And much more.

DreamGlass® privacy glass is an innovative product that will amaze you because of its functions. This glass is make by a panel composed of PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal). This element allows it to change its state from transparent to opaque when electricity comes through.

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More about switchable glass product

DreamGlass® supply glass in different shapes and configurations, depends on what you need or want. It can be supplied tinted, curved, different sizes… This freedom of configuration makes it the favorite in buildings not only because of the flexibility it grants but also because of the value it adds.

One of the most important advantage of installing switchable glass is the privacy it gives to you in the room it has been installed. Once it has been activated by using a switch, electricity runs into it making it become transparent. When the electrical flow stops, it returns to its original opaque state.
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As well, it is good to know that many panels can be put together to work at the very same time.

Glass usses

This kind of glass uses an advanced technology based on an electrical current going through the glass. This DreamGlass® design allows the user to choose when to have privacy and when not to.

DreamGlass® manufactures all its products. The panels are handmade and bespoke just to fulfill all needs of our customers. All process are highly care to be sure the results are just the best. Also, shapes and sizes are chose by you. There is no limitation so you can install it wherever you need or want.

Some of the most common shapes are:


Different sectors that uses it

Switchable glass is used mostly in residences and offices but because its benefits it has been started to be used in different sectors such as residential, hospitality, healthcare, security, aviation, automotive.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

DreamGlass® Switchable Glass can be supplied in any shape you need so it can be installed wherever you desire.

If you need more information about the product or how it is supplied, don’t wait to contact us. We provide all over the world: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, England, USA, India, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, France… and many more countries.