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Switchable Glass for healthcare facilities

Sleek sterile solution designed for the most demanding environments.

Switchable Glass for healthcare facilities

DGG’s Switchable Glass is a revolutionary solution to the medical field that works against the great lack of natural lighting in traditional hospital designs. Its use enables daylight harvesting and instant privacy control to improve working spaces, which in turn also improves the productivity of hospitals’ staff and patients’ recovery.

For this reason, architects and designers are now actively seeking and encouraging the use of Switchable Glass. Blinds and curtains are unnecessary, therefore maintenance costs are reduced. Moreover, hygiene is greatly improved, as bacteria and viruses that are often trapped in curtains are known to be easily transmitted from hospital staff to patients.

With Switchable Glass, care takers are able to treat patients with the flick of a switch, considerably reducing possible infections. Moreover, this solution allows consulting doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to advise and monitor surgical teams without having to enter the operating room.

Applicable to

Intensive care units
High dependency units
Emergency rooms
Operation rooms
Moveable privacy screens/doors
Neonatal wards
Fire-rated doors

Hermetic doors can be fitted with Switchable Glass to offer a hygienic and efficiently controlled environment for patients who are isolated from eternal contact. This reduces the risk of infection and other health hazards.

For more information on the technical characteristics or features of our glass, read more in our Privacy Glass section or download the product brochure.