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Smart Glass Windows for Corporate Interiors

Active control of privacy levels in conference rooms and offices at the flick of a switch

Smart Glass Windows for Corporate Interiors

DGG’s Smart Glass Windows allows office space to be used efficiently, offering privacy wherever it may be needed and enhancing any corporate or office environment. Thanks to its quality and simplicity, offices and conference rooms are provided with privacy at an instant and a positive atmosphere is easily created in the workplace.

DGG’s Smart Glass Windows can build small segments of privacy to conduct important business meetings and presentations, without any distractions from observers and co-workers passing by.

Advantages of Smart Glass Windows

Aesthetically pleasing
Privacy at the touch of a switch
Feeling of openness when switched on
Low operating voltage/consumption
Improved user comfort

Browse through our Gallery to discover the different applications our Smart Glass Windows offer. Business applications are endless, whereby the most common use is for office partitioning. Because of its Liquid Crystal nature, Privacy Glass has the added value of transforming itself into a retro projection screen when used with a projector. High contrast image is achieved throughout the surface of the glass.

Moreover, companies can also have their company logo embedded inside the glass. Subject to the logo’s complexity, users may control the appearance by switching the logo or surrounding surface on/off.

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