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Premium supplier of Smart Film in roll format for Glass and Windows. Switch surface from transparent to opaque instantly and vice versa.

We supply Smart films in 100LM rolls or cut to size with or without busbars.

DGG’s Smart Film is laminated in between glass and used on windows, doors, façades, partitions and much more. We supply our Smart Film on a global scale. Our Roll to Roll manufacturing line has revolutionized the Smart Glass industry, whereby 100LM rolls can be achieved with no defects!With a current maximum standard width of 1800mm and future plans to expand this even wider, DGG has become the global reference.

Ever since its introduction in the market, there have always been difficulties in optimizing production of Smart Glass as sheet to sheet process didn´t allow for this. Useless scrap cut into different sizes and shapes has been a constant problem within the industry’s processors. Our Roll to Roll production has solved the equation; Switchable Film can now be optimized. Moreover, laminators and traders have access to more competitive prices. Why buy elsewhere when we are offering attractive prices and most importantly, superior quality?

If you prefer cut to size, we can also supply this. We can either make the electrical connections (busbars) for you or have the sheets sent without them, it’s ultimately up to you.


Smart Film colors

Milky white Industry standard used in over 90% of installations

Grey/blue Aesthetically pleasing tone which in addition offers an IR barrier

Our R&D Department is constantly exploring and testing improved and never seen before formulations to improve transparency & opacity levels, adherence and working temperatures. DGG is also actively making its own Liquid Crystal and PDLC, both of which are produced in Spain. Our commitment to improving Smart Film features can also have notable impact on electrochromic film and it’s Market.


Switchable Film features

  • Roll to Roll Format (up to 100LM)
  • Custom widths
  • Enhanced opacity levels
  • High transparency
  • Low haze
  • Very short lead times


So how do Smart Films actually work?

Liquid Crystal particles re-align themselves when stimulated with electrical current, thus creating a transparent see through area. When the current is switched off, these LC particles reorient themselves randomly, impeding users to see through the surface.

Contact our sales office today to find out more about our Smart Film features and prices! Our multilingual sales team will be glad to cater your needs and provide the best solution to your request.