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Specialists in Privacy Glass and Electric Glass

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Specialists in Privacy Glass and Electric Glass

DreamGlass® Privacy Glass is a ground-breaking product: a laminated glass panel composed of polymer dispersed liquid crystal film (PDLC).

Our electric glass offers privacy at the flick of a switch, by changing its state from opaque to transparent and viceversa instantly, through a small electrical current.

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DreamGlass® Features

  • Precise privacy control
  • Improved user comfort
  • Aesthetical attractiveness
  • Energy saving
  • Low operating voltage
  • Granted IPX7 Certificate
  • UV protection and stability
  • Remote control switches
  • Home Automation
  • 5 Year Warranty

More about our products

DreamGlass® can be supplied in a variety of configurations, ranging from ultra-clear glass to color tinted, curved, double glazed, fire rated, and shaped glass, in order to meet customers’ specific needs. The use of DreamGlass® Intelligent Glass panels in installations grants flexibility in building designs and, therefore, provides clients with added value.

Many panels can operate at the same time on a single transformer or we can use multiple transformers to accomplish the same goal across a room. Once activated, electric Glass turns transparent for as long as the transformer is running. When the electrical current stops, the electric smart glass returns to an opaque state.

In addition, DreamGlass® liquid crystal properties are able to give high contrast features. For this reason, DreamGlass® can also be converted into a rear projection screen with incredible image quality, a highly demanded product in many sectors.

DreamGlass® Control Systems

DreamGlass® panels can be operated using various control systems, such as:

A simple manual ON/OFF wall switch
Remote control switches
Home Automation (Integrated PDA control)
Intensity regulators to control transparency levels
Door locks
And many more


Some of the many advantages and benefits of DreamGlass® panels are:

Immediate and precise privacy control
Improved user comfort and greater security
Efficient use of space in building environments
Aesthetical attractiveness
Energy saving through reduced A/C cooling
Low operating voltage; granted IPX7 Certificate
UV protection and stability (blocks over 99% damaging UV rays)
Excellent contrast for rear projection purposes
Protection from people viewing valuable items
Exceptional optical qualities and reliable technology; 5 year warranty
Easy and low maintenance

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DreamGlass® Switchable Glass provides end users with a choice of either privacy or transparency, creating an innovative solution with aesthetically pleasing results.

DreamGlass® Intelligent Glass is based on advanced technology and operates by applying a small electrical current through a specifically programmed transformer designed by DGG. Several glass panels can be operated simultaneously with one or more transformers, depending on the surface area.

When activated with electrical current, DreamGlass® Privacy Glass immediately turns transparent. The liquid crystal molecules align, thus allowing incident light to pass through. Contrarily, when the electrical current is removed, the glass panel returns to its natural state, i.e. opaque, thus granting instant privacy; the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented and incident light is scattered.


DGG’s dedicated, experienced and skilled production team manufactures DreamGlass® Electric Glass panels with state of the art machinery, under strictly supervised conditions in all the stages of production. Each and every DreamGlass® panel is handmade and bespoke in order to meet customers’ requirements and ensure their full satisfaction.

Among its facilities, DGG is equipped with a climate controlled clean room where DreamGlass® Switchable Glass panels are assembled. Once panels are laminated and wired, they are subject to thorough testing and careful inspection before being packed and shipped to the customer.


Maximum Size: 1,500mm x 3,500mm
Minimum Size: Generally 200mm x 300mm (consult Sales Office for smaller sizes)
Thickness: 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, triple laminate and more
Glass types: Clear float, ultra clear, color tinted, fire rated, bullet resistant glass, security glass
Processing: Tempering, polishing, grinding, radius corners, drilling, sandblasting, notches, cutouts, heat soaking, double glazed, triple glazed, curved and more.

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DreamGlass® Shapes and Designs

DreamGlass® Intelligent Glass panels are tailor-made, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an ideal choice. Your imagination is the only limitation! Some common shapes and designs are shown in the diagram below:


Privacy Glass Suppliers

Dream Glass Privacy glass can be supplied in any shape you desire in order to be installed in any place you want. Thanks to its function you will have privacy wherever you need just using a switch.

For more information or to order get in touch with us. Don’t wait more to have your smart glass. In addition, we supply on a worldwide scale: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, USA, England, Portugal, Germany, France, Mexico… and much more countries.