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A market leader in Privacy Glass solutions

Instant privacy at the flick of a switch. DreamGlass® Privacy Glass

A market leader in Privacy Glass solutions

Dream Glass Group (DGG) was founded in 2005 in Madrid, Spain, on the principle of supplying high quality Privacy Glass.

In line with its policy to offer the best quality service to its clients worldwide, with guaranteed customer satisfaction, DGG currently collaborates with selected glass manufacturing plants in several foreign countries.

Some of our works

Having experienced significant and continuous growth since its foundation, DGG established its own R&D facility in 2009.

In parallel to this, during the past years, DGG has cooperated with a number of renowned research facilities. Throughout the years, DGG has come to fully understand privacy glass technology by investing numerous resources in its R&D Department.

Moreover, DGG has grown year on year through its commitment to its customers, always striving to meet their fast growing and changing needs, by means of ongoing development and research in the privacy glass industry, as well as extremely high quality standards. trustopt site

Hence, ground-breaking investigations and continuous product development have placed DGG at the forefront of the laminated glass industry with great success.


DGG always works in collaboration with renowned architects and designers on ambitious and prestigious projects all over the word. Thanks to its expertise, extensive knowledge and continued investment in research and development, DGG caters to the most challenging privacy glass projects.

Quality Assurance

DGG has extensive testing equipment, from weathering to UV degradation, which allows accurate and thorough testing of DreamGlass® privacy glass panels under the most demanding and extreme weathering scenarios. All DreamGlass® panels are tailor-made and manufactured under rigorous quality control procedures (QUALITY POLICY) to ensure customer satisfaction. DGG is ISO 9001:205 certified.

DreamGlass® Brand

All DreamGlass® Privacy Glass panels are manufactured with an identification mark which indicates serial number, brand, origin and CE marking.

Design, Flexibility & Innovation

DGG’s design team is always ready to find functional and applicable solutions to meet regulatory compliance standards and to promote safety, while ensuring the highest quality standards in aesthetics and functionality.

DGG Lead Time

DGG offers the quickest turnaround time to your project in any region of the world: less than 4 weeks from receipt of order. DGG ensures a most reliable on-time and on-budget international delivery service.


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