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Privacy Glass and its adaptability for infinite uses

Our glass offers flexible solutions for different sectors

Privacy Glass and its adaptability for infinite uses

In the beginning, Privacy Glass was a product used mainly for corporate offices or residences. Nowadays, after all the continuous research and improvements, Privacy Glass is used in different sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, rail, aviation, security, etc.

Our experience, skills and knowledge are the key to build a close, successful and flexible working relationship with our clients, all over the world. We are constantly welcoming customer’s bespoke applications and requirements.

Applicable in several sectors

  • Corporate Interiors
  • Residential
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail & Showroom
  • Security
  • Automotive, Marine
  • Aviation, Rail

Corporate Interiors

Using DreamGlass® Privacy Glass allows the space of the office be used in a more efficient way, granting privacy wherever and whenever you could need it. Offices and conference rooms are provided with privacy with the simplicity and quality of DreamGlass® design.

Small segments of privacy can be built with DreamGlass® Privacy Glass in order to conduct presentations or important business meetings. This allows workers to work without distractions from any observers or co-workers passing nearby.



Windows, en-suite bathrooms, roof-lights, shower screens, folding doors, sliding doors, kitchen partitions, etc. You will not need to walk up to your window to draw the curtains or lift the blinds. You may now sit back and control your privacy level without having to move. Simply switch ON or OFF the DreamGlass® Privacy Glass through a remote control or a portable home automated control device. Easier than ever!



Intensive care units partitions, emergency rooms, high dependency units, moveable privacy screens, operation rooms, fire-rated doors, neonatal wards, etc.

Additionally, DreamGlass® Privacy Glass is a revolution to the medical field because it´s a solution to the lack of natural lighting in traditional hospitals designs. This has many benefits such as improving working atmosphere as daylight is enabled and stimulating productivity of hospital staff and patients’ recovery. For this reason, nowadays architects as much as designers are seeking and encouraging the use of DreamGlass® Privacy Glass.


With this innovative glass, blinds and curtains are no longer necessary. Also, hygiene is improved notably as viruses and bacteria, that are often trapped in curtains and are known to be easily transmitted from staff to patients, cannot find a way of living. With DreamGlass® Privacy Glass, care takers are able to treat patients with the flick of a switch, reducing possible infections.


Bedroom/bathroom privacy partition screens, conference/meeting rooms, external windows, toilet partitions, restaurant and bar projection screens, balconies, etc.

En-suite partitions are becoming very popular amongst hotels as guests may choose their level of privacy during their stay. Privacy Glass is commonly installed between the bathroom area and suite creating a dynamic experience for the guests. They may choose to switch the panels on/off at any moment.


Retail & Showroom

Shop windows, feature screens, high end rear projections screens, displays, etc.

DreamGlass® Privacy Glass can be transformed into a rear projection screen that has better image quality reproduction because the properties of its liquid crystal grant high contrast features. Simply install a projector on the opposite side of the screen to enjoy this added value.

Likewise, shop windows can be turned into dynamic and effective marketing tools by just adapting the glass surface to be used as a rear projection screen in which ad campaigns can be displayed very simply and as regularly as wished.



Bank and teller counters, entrance foyers, cell doors/partitions, etc.

DreamGlass® Privacy Glass can also be used as a security measure for shops that require protection of their displayed items during closing hours. Throughout the day, they are able to display the items by turning the panels on.


Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Rail

Driver privacy screens, business class partitions, security screens, sliding doors, etc.
Grant passengers the option of choosing their privacy level at any given moment.