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PDLC Film Blinds operate as a shutter

Choose which areas of the Smart Film you want to activate or deactivate

For the very first time, Switchable Privacy Glass can be controlled vertically or horizontally at the same time in variable widths in large format. Our latest product development, Dynamic Shutter™ also referred to as a PDLC Film Blind, allows users to customize a given matrix design by either choosing a predetermined design or creating a custom one.

Switchable Privacy Glass is a laminated glass with a Smart Film interlayer. Smart Films have always been manufactured and processed the same way, whereby users activate or deactivate the entire surface to go from opaque to clear and vice versa. Some suppliers or manufacturers joined two or more sheets in a laminated panel to have different control sections. Others launched basic vertical or horizontal controllable sections but DGG has surpassed all expectations by creating a single Smart Film sheet capable of behaving like a shutter / blind, both vertically and horizontally at the same time!

After years of research and trials, DGG has developed this cutting-edge product. Customized repeated patterns on the film’s surface can be achieved and later controlled under innumerable programs simulating different designs.


Dynamic Shutter™ PDLC features

  • Single sheet (up to 1800mm *3500mm)
  • Custom width & length
  • Specific areas of glass surface can be set to be switched ON/OFF
  • Reprogrammable to offer alternative operating areas
  • Controlled through APP via tablets or Smart Phones



You’re in total control! That’s right; let your imagination do the work.

Upload all the patterns and/or sequences you desire onto the glass via Bluetooth through your tablet or Smart Phone. You can even determine the switching time between each design making the interaction and experience even more dynamic.  Dynamic Shutter™ has revolutionized the Switchable Glass industry as client´s are no longer tied down to one fixed design on the glass’s surface.


Custom designs of PDLC Film



Due to the complexity involved, clients must send us the dimensions they require and we will do the rest. The switchable PDLC film will be cut and prepared by our team and later laminated. Installing Dynamic Shutter™ will be easier than expected; all you need is a power outlet nearby to connect and a tablet or smart phone to operate. Contact our sales department to discuss prices and lead times!