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Electric Privacy Glass for Residences

Control the amount of light or heat that enters a space with our Electric Privacy Glass

Electric Privacy Glass for Residences

Forget about walking up to your window and drawing the curtain or lifting the blinds, its time sit back and control your surroundings without having to move. Accomplish this either through a remote control or your portable home automated control device, by switching ON or OFF DGG’s Electric Privacy Glass.

Applicable in

En-suite bathrooms
Shower screens
Sliding doors
Folding doors
Kitchen partitions

Electric Privacy Glass can also be manufactured with tinted or bullet proof glass and combined with curved or custom shapes. State-of-the-art technology allows our production team to accommodate the comprehensive range of design needs inside a home. Each and every panel is customized for the perfect fit.

Not to mention the compatibility our glass has with home automated systems or Smart Phones and tablets. Progressively adjust to your desired level of privacy from clear to opaque through our dimmer controls or standard wall switches.

While curtains and blinds collect dirt and dust, DGG’s Electric Privacy Glass requires only the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

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