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Electric Glass for Hotels

Dynamic ambiance solution for both privacy and light control

Electric Glass for Hotels

DGG’s Electric Glass delivers a whole new world of efficiency and ambiance for hotel rooms. Replace traditional walls with spaciousness, open views for the essence of comfort and wellbeing. Our product welcomes natural sunlight into every hotel bathroom with no compromise of privacy.

Our Electric Glass has an incorporated “inbuilt privacy system” that can be instantly activated or turned off with the simple flick of a switch offering unparalleled ambience and functionality.

Move from clear glass that allows you to see all around you to opaque in a matter of seconds. It’s the only way to ensure complete privacy at the touch of a button, and it’s as beautiful as it is functional.


Bedroom/bathroom privacy partition screens
External windows
Conference/meeting rooms
Bar and restaurant projection screens
Toilet partitions

An exceptional product and commitment to consummate service allows us to deliver premier solutions for the world´s most complex design challenges. But our promise to you doesn´t end there; we offer fast turnaround time in any region of the world while ensuring on-time and on-budget international delivery.

At the heart of DGG’s ethos is a core commitment to research and development, customer service and exceptional design consultancy. Over ten years of scientific study dedicated to the PDLC field and Electric Glass lamination has prepared us to accept even the most challenging projects.

More examples of en-suite partitioning can be found in our Gallery section. For more information on the technical aspects, visit our Privacy Glass section.