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Decorative Privacy Glass with logos, pictures and shapes

Unparalleled precision cutting allows you to create complex designs

Our Decorative Privacy Glass product range allows you to embed a company logo, slogan or own design. State-of-the-art technology allows our production team to accommodate a comprehensive range of designs on the glass. Each and every DreamGlass® Privacy Glass is customized for the perfect fit.

In addition, the Smart Film interlayer used on Switchable Glass can also differ in size and shape from the glass surface. Choosing your level of privacy by selectively blocking a chosen area (strips) is also possible when personalizing your privacy glass.

decorative privacy glass

Features for customizing

  • Logo, slogan embedding
  • Personalized designs
  • Partial privacy (strips or areas)

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to executing your designs. Whether you have an idea or would like to brainstorm options with our team, we will analyze the possibilities and inform you. Currently our maximum size is set to 1.8m wide by 3.5m tall. If your demand requires a larger size, we offer possibility of joining panels side by side and having the design run across the total length of each panel. This option may have some limitations which would need to be studied case by case.

Our in house design team will be glad to receive and study your designs. No matter how complex you think they may seem, do not hesitate to have them sent over to us as sometimes, what seems complicated is actually simple!

Contact us to find out the extent in which our glass can suit your needs!