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Alternative applications for Intelligent Glass

Advertise or showcase products

Alternative applications for Intelligent Glass

DGG’s Intelligent Glass can also be transformed into a rear projection screen with superior quality image reproduction due to its liquid crystal properties which grant high contrast features. With a simple installation of a projector on the opposite side of the screen you will be able to exploit this added value DreamGlass® offers!

Likewise, shop windows can turn into dynamic and effective marketing tools by simply adapting the glass surface to serve as a rear projection screen where advertising campaigns can be displayed very simply and as regularly as wished.


Shop windows
Projection screens
Entrance foyers
Bank and teller counters
Cell doors/partitions

DGG’s Intelligent Glass (also commonly referred to as Electrochromic Glass or Electronic Glass) can also act as a useful security measure for shops wanting to protect their products after closing hours, yet wishing to maintain an inviting environment during opening hours.

Even more interesting is that with our Intelligent Glass your business name and sign can be merged into your shop window to attract the by-passers in the changing status of ON/OFF. Learn more about the specifications our glass has to offer in our Privacy Glass page.