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Pioneering Privacy Glass / Smart Glass for dynamic glazing solutions

We offer the durability, superior quality, customer service and price you are in pursuit of

  • Superior Quality (European Manufactured)
  • Short Lead times and competitive prices
  • 5 Year Privacy Glass Warranty
  • Improved user comfort and greater security
  • Energy saving through reduced A/C cooling
  • Low operating voltage; IPX7 Certificate

Some of our satisfied customers

Selection of Recent Projects

DGG successfully completed the challenge of manufacturing over 100 units of toughened DreamGlass® privacy glass panels in less than 3 weeks, which were later installed in luxury suites to divide the bathroom area from the bedroom.

Ramon Madurga Baku Flame Towers Hotel Complex - www.dreamglassgroup.com

DGG was faced with yet another challenging mission; to manufacture and deliver over 200m2 of DreamGlass® Privacy Glass panels in just under 4 weeks. These panels were later double glazed with bullet proof glass.

Juan Pedro Godoy Royal Palace - www.dreamglassgroup.com
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